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What day is it again?

Dear diary,

It's been a hundred years since I've been on here to post. I've caught up on reading a couple of times, but since the server inadvertently blocked us at work, it's been difficult to get on here. I randomly tried today, and it worked, so here goes.
This year has been so weirdly surreal, I don't really even know where to start. I dumped Heather for good, i wrecked my car, got a new car, lost one of the best people I've ever known, reconnected with an old friend, hidden under my rock, and generally minded my business.

I'm pretty comfortable under here. Not much going on, but then again, that means there isn't much to burst my bubble.

Kids are awesome, still pains in my ass, but doing well... Jacks a freshman in highschool this year which is scary as shit, but what can I do? I've already tried chopping his legs off, but he pointed out that wouldn't actually stunt his growth, and then I'd have to take care of him as a half person.

I finally got to the point where I wanted to be, but it was through that series of weird and horrid events, I suddenly realized which avenues
should be priority, and which didn't mean shit.
I am comfortable where I am, with a dash of 'now I can do this'. And it's good. It's just quiet. It's just peaceful. It's just, I am going to do my thing, and my thing consists of way less than it used to. Not true.. it's just way different.
I guess in a way I am a better person for it.
Action figure Jesus and I still hang out and blow one out for the homey. That's important to me. Sad, and painful, but
I took it with me when I retreated.

I wish things could have been different. Wait. Also untrue.. I wish I would have done things differently.
The hurt of that won't go away, and I don't really want it to. It reminds me everyday that there is bigger than me out there.
That sometimes my needs or wants don't come first.
That sometimes, you need to just shut up and be there for the people who matter, no matter what.
Sometimes, it's okay to be vulnerable and ask a lot sooner.
It's okay to say, I was wrong. How can i make this better for you? I want to be in your life daily.

I don't know what it all means, I just know that I found a spot where life goes on, it just goes on differently.

And thats okay too.

hope all is well with you in journal land.
I'm posting from my crackberry..let's see if it works.

So.. here it is...

your official notice from me. since i won't be here tomorrow. I hope you all have the

and the


Happy Birthday, Sara (makebeliever)!!!!!

Hope it's absolutely fabulous!!


does anybody know anything about building a website? Actually, does anybody know anything about step one.. buying a domain name, and which site one should do that through?

RIP, dayrunner

So I lost my calendar/dayrunner thing. I do keep a backup, with all the dates needed, but it's packed away somewhere in my attic and I'll never find it.


Send me your birthday again! Birth year not necessary :)

Thank you!

Debbie, Victoria, and Sarah, you are exempt from this.

Friday = Liquid Lunch

I. Am. Looped.

Thank you, liquid lunch Friday.

It's not Monday anymore.

And p.s... job related rant.. if I NEVER hear the words "Chinese Drywall" again, I will be a happy girl. Don't get me wrong, these torts and mass actions are great for the firm overall, but a huge pain in the ass for me, and my gay boyfriend. The suits are just rolling in, and there are already more than 800 plaintiffs as of today. And that's just in class/mass actions.. not counting the direct damages suits. The bills for this case are astronomical. But it will be a lot more in damages if we lose. I love commercial litigation.

I feel so bad for the little people who own the houses though. We have a lot more resources on our side than they do. And nobody is going to make it easy on them. Sad. But they don't pay me, so my empathy is limited. lol

Busy weekend upcoming. A ridiculously hard cake order for Saturday by noon, and then Nader's party is that evening. My lunatic mother will be in town to watch the kidlets, so I will get to go home to that. I think I am going to meet the gay brigade for a drink before going home. Nader's party won't be anything but attorneys and other elitist bitches, so I won't be drinking much there. I will be observing and plotting my blackmail. lol

Thanks to Mary's LJ and fabulous recipe ideas, I bought a George Foreman grill. lol
And I don't think I have ever loved a small appliance more. It's awesome. And it's good.. and the kids have liked everything. I am going to push the envelope and make her pesto alfredo chicken stuff tonight. Jackson and I will like it. Cheesenip and Midget are a little put off by white sauce. So I told them it would be green. That didn't help.

Dear lord, please tell me Friday is payday. Please?

I need to get more uniforms. sigh. the list just goes on and on of what I need to do. Or get.

I want to go garage sale shopping soon.
Specifically for furniture type items. I have ideas. And I want to see if I can do it all under a certain set budget. It's like a challenge. lol

Whats your favorite home cooked dish? And recipe, if you know it.
Please to be giving it to me. kthanx.


Post # 2 - for my hero, Regan!

I bought this book last week, and it came in yesterday. I inhaled it last night.
Sleeping Beauty, Indeed

Not all of them are as good as the title story, but some are close!

And that title story was written by our very own pallid_regina.
And it is Fabulous!!

I enjoyed it thoroughly. This girl is creativity rolled into awesome, covered in amazing, and sealed with a tribal sleeve.

Buy the book.
Or go to her tea shop. regans_tea_shop
Or her etsy store.
Get your cards read.
You will be amazed.

Cheesenip of Chaos' joke of the week.

Repeated by request.

A bratty girl goes into an ice cream shop and orders chocolate.
"We are all out of chocolate" the owner says.
She asks again for chocolate.
"We are ALL OUT of chocolate!" he says.
She demands a chocolate cone.
"Okay but first spell straw as in strawberry"
she does.
"Okay spell van as in vanilla"
she does.
"Okay spell freak as in chocolate"
"There's no freak in chocolate", she says
"That's what I am trying to tell you."